How can I build a multistage lift?

I’ve been trying to build a multistage lift using the vex linear motion kit and I’ve found several images showing an application of the linear motion kits combined with tank treads to make a multi stage lift, but I can’t figure out what goes into it by the image.
What can I do to start building a multi stage lift?

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Post a link to the images you have found and perhaps others can comment on the design. There are several old threads discussing multi stage lifts, here is one to get you started.

triple lift preview

To add onto the link jpearman mentioned, our team is building a multi-stage lift for a competition on October 18th, and so far, ive learned that there are a LOT of factors that affect the final performance of the lift, ranging from weight to friction to build quality.

Just some things to keep in mind when using the linear motion kit and the slides to make a multistage lift.

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Most teams would actually use the high strength chain, as it is much thinner and smaller. It is also the same pitch as the tank tread, which means the same sprockets fit both.

Added image

try looking at that animation to see how the lift in your picture moves.
that should help
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It’s crazy full of slop, but I knocked together this model for my teams in case they are interested in building an elevator.

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This is a Cascade lift