How can I convert this controller code into competition template?

So, I created this controller setup for my holonomic x-drive, but I don’t know how to put it into the competition template. Anybody got any ideas?

Screen Shot 2021-10-12 at 11.30.44 AM

That looks like it should work unmodified – though your autonomous code will need to go under a “when autonomous” hat.

See this recent thread for more:


That’s what I initially thought. However, this is a driver control code to make sure that my controller works. I was able to put the autonomouss code under a different hat easily, I just need to get all three of these controller axis hats under a driver control hat…

The “when controller axis changed” blocks should only work when the robot is in the “driver control” state, which is exactly what you want.

Try using the robot with a competition switch or the built-in driving skills run on the controller – if your current program works with one of those, it will work with the field control system.


Sorry for the qeustions lol, I’m still pretty confused…
I know that I want the when controller axis changed hats should work in the driver control state, I’m just confused how to put those two hats together (which doesn’t seem possible).
And also, we’re using a unique drivetrain that doesnt work with built in programs.

If you want to write a driver control program that runs under a single “when driver control” hat, the general idea is to have an infinite loop which reads values from the joysticks and uses those values to spin the motors at the desired speed. Something like this…


Okay that makes sense! Thank you sooo much!!!