How can I cut the channels?

Hello, even for the basic projects I need to cut the aluminum channels? Which tools do I need to cut them?

Use a hacksaw. A Dremel also works for more detailed cuts. If you need to cut a lot, invest in a small bandsaw.


a file or sander also helps with sharp edges trust me they sneak up on you when you are building in tight spaces


Use your bare hands and pure might. Aluminum us weak, like paper, show it who’s boss

On a more serious note a back saw be fine


lol only if you have giant metal scissors

Do you mean tin snips?

yes those cut aluminum great but suck for steel

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Use a hacksaw for most general straight cuts, like many others have said. It might also be beneficial to purchase a vice, to hold the c channel while cutting it. I also recommend a wireless Dremel and the EZ Lock cutting bits if you want more precision. For smoothing out sharp edges, a handheld file works fine, and the Dremel also comes with sanding bits.


A vice is 100 percent necessary. It’s not crazily expensive and makes cutting so much faster.


An angle grinder. Zero effort to cut and if you go slowly are very neat.

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but then you also have to worry about discs breaking in your face

Thank you for your answers, I ll see what I can do :smiley:

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