How can I hire a VEX-lover around Raleigh-Durham, NC?

I need to automate part of a business I’m starting. I have some robotics experience, and 20 years of professional programming experience, but I want to hire someone nearby to help me plan and build the final 'bot. It’s surprisingly hard to find people online! I’ve done a lot of Google searches; I’ve emailed organizations, high school robotics clubs, STEM camps, and the local Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineering chapter; I’ve gone to local electronics hobby stores; I even placed an ad on Craigslist. No luck so far. (Actually, a high school robotics team did help me for one afternoon, but now they’re busy preparing for their next tournament.)

Thanks for your tips & advice!

I have someone I can refer to you-

Thanks, CriticalError! I’ll send an email! That’s your email address, right?

Yes thats for our team, I can forward your message.

Excellent! Thanks!

Hi, I’m going to be a freshmen at NC State this year if you need some help. Shoot me an email at and I’ll see what I can do.

This is great! We need to help each other build up this kind of thing.

Thanks for your replies everyone! I’m in touch with 3 of you already. Cool that you’re all in the Raleigh-Durham area or coming here for school! (I live just ten minutes from NC State, so that’s pretty convenient for me!!)

Hey @fraxker, did you get my email?


Don’t know if I’m too late, but I’d love to help, or at least see what you’ve got going on. I’m (going to be?) a freshman at Duke. You can send me an email at maverick (dot) chung (at) duke (dot) edu.