How can I improve on The Engineering Notebook Format?

Hello people on the Vex Forums,

My team and I have recently got the Design Award for my last competition, and as happy I was as a Notebooker, I definitely want to improve it for states. One thing I probably can improve more on is the format of the meetings, so when the judges scroll through the notebook, it is easy to read and gets the point across that our team does meet the Design Award requirements in a more competing setting.

Here is my current format, on these two pages.

Screenshot 2023-01-15 12.28.25 PM Screenshot 2023-01-15 12.28.29 PM

I would love to see what everyone has to say, not just about the format!

Leah (9290A)

Personally I think the notebook looks great

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Looks great, maybe make better use of the empty space

Judges have specific criteria when it comes to evaluating notebooks and interviewing teams. That information is available for teams to review (it’s like having the answers to an exam). You can use the information to evaluate your notebook.

Start here: Guide to Judging Engineering Notebooks


Looks great! You could possibly include snippets of code in this case, or identify possible solutions, if any, to the cons you stated. Changes in plans or the method you took to get a final solution may help fill up a bit of the space. Also, just a footnote, I suggest including the names of everyone at the meeting (separate from who worked on the notebook if you would like).

I did, stated in Bold below the first page. I appreciate the feedback! :]

I know that, thank you

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