How can I make my vex clawbot climb stairs? (with someone controlling it)

I need help with ideas on how to modify my clawbot so it can climb stairs with ease

Look here, a stair climbing robot…


This will only work with pretty small stairs but
“6” Wheel Leg (4-pack)"
at this link.

Those probably won’t be large enough.

the one adjustment i would add is atrip away the clawbot part and then go from there


I agree. Clawbot just weren’t meant to climb stairs. You’re gonna have to build a bot from scratch pretty much if you want a stair climbing bot

Need to think outside the box some, but those wheel kits will climb a set of stairs. Question is, can you think of ways to make it work? Small Barbie stairs are a snap, but a standard 8" riser?

you could try look at some of the ways teams climbed in FRC last year. Our team used our elevator to push up the rear of our chassis and used our front outer intake to pull ourselves forward on the ledge before our wheels could contact the HAB

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The most basic stair climb born is the ev3 stair climber which is on the LEGO education website. A similar concept can be used for viq