How can I program autonomous with timers?

Hi, sorry for my poor English but it’s not my native language so I’ll try to explain my problem the best I can.
My team and I have the idea of using timers to tell motors when to start and when to stop. but since we’re new using the VEXcode PRO V5 we don’t know how to do it or what functions we need.

Any kind help would be much appreciated, thanks :smiley:

Is there a reason you do not want to use the function spinFor()? It is much more controlled and consistent than using timers to start and stop the motors.


if i understand your question, you can use wait(1 , seconds); (this command will make the code wait for however many seconds you put in.) (you can trade out “seconds” for “sec” or, if you want to use milliseconds, you can use “msec”)