How can I teach teenagers who are already quick to learn about the basics

Hello, I help teach children robotics and programming. I follow the Vex IQ curriculum. Recently, I have three teenagers who are just so quick to adapt that I have run out of materials to show to them. They know the basics already, angles, meters etc… And they want to focus more on programming with robot c.

There are simple challenges that I have found online, but I am out of ideas on what to give to them. They have built the basic clawbot and will use the sensors, what type of creative challenge or lessons can I still give them?

Line following is one of my favorites, do an oval, do a dog bone, do a crossover, how fast can they go?

Build a ring master ring sorter. Dump rings into a hopper use the sensors to figure out which color.

Maze run. You can build short walls with some dowels and the foam core poster board or thick cardboard, build a maze and go wild.

The game this year leads to a fully auton game. Look at where the black lines go, Build a robot that doesn’t need a human.