How can I tell how long a shaft is in the instructions?


What’s the trick to knowing the size of a VEX IQ shaft or other part without holes to count?

I think I tore apart and rebuilt the two sides of the standard drive base three times because I had the wrong length silver and black shafts.

Am I the only one who misses size hints relative to some other countable object like the number of holes in a beam?

Is there a poster with a full size picture of every part and their part number to cross reference from the build instructions?



The super kit contents poster may be what you are looking can find it on the downloads page

We use a 1x12 beam to measure the shafts and also sort the shafts in a compartmentalized parts container.

The super kit contents poster helps a lot, it’s exactly the kind of poster I was hoping for to map those part numbers listed on the build instructions (eg 228-2500-120) to lengths.

Even better would be to have those lengths on the build instructions, there is space for it.

Using a 1x12 as a measuring stick is a great tip once you know that 228-2500-120 is 4 long.