How can middle schoolers access Autodesk?

Tried to sign up for a autodesk educational account as a student in order to use Fusion 360 for VRC design, but Autodesk will not approve anyone for a student account who is younger than high school aged.

Is there a way for middle school students to access any free CAD software?


I’m in middle school, and it lets me. I think you just have to put your education level as secondary

When I type in my date of birth it says that I’m ineligible. I think it requires you to be at least 13.

I’m a student in highschool ; The way it works for us is to claim the education , using a school id to verify my status as a student. Here’s the link to the auto-desk educational access page. Other options are to us Onshape which I have used for a class , I don’t know how student access or accessability works for Onshape. Another option is to use Protobot by the Purdue sigbots. Its free however it doesn’t currently have triballs. I used it to cad and make the concepts that my team wanted to use for this years robot .

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Thank you for your help! I did not know about Protobot and that’s exactly what I’m looking for.

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Protobot is made by made @DaveG not the Purdue sigbots.


Thank you for that info - it’s a great CAD.

Perhaps you should check vexforum TOS.


Parent here – I made the account using my email address and allowed him to use it to make the post in his own words. Though his posting is supervised and monitored by a parent, we now understand that he still can’t in that circumstance post if he’s under 13, so have flagged and contacted a mod to delete. Thanks for the tip.

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I had this same conversation with middle school parents about why we use SketchUp for Schools to teach about 3D modeling and not other offerings. I explained it is the only solution we could do while abiding by laws protecting minors online that would allow 6&7th graders to engage other than waiting until they were in high school.

Does the forum ask for birthday? I do not recall.


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