How can we increase the lift capacity of a clawbot lift with 393 motor (v4)

How can we increase the lift capacity of a claw bot lift (its not actually on a clawbot) with 393 (v4) motors that give out 1.67 newtons of torque (1.33 to keep from overheating) ? We have it torqued 1:9 with exterior gears.

You could use compound gear ratios to up the torque as much as need be (at the inversely variable expense of speed).

You could also use rubber bands for passive assistance to help cancel out gravity.



(But remember that the more the ratio is compounded, the longer the arm takes to lift.)

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Also check the axles, you dont want gear slipping

whats the internal ratio

Elastic bands clap clap

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Thanks for the response. We don’t have a four bar design, it’s just one bar on each side. How can we rubber band it?

Thank you for responding. I’m not sure, all I know is that our maximum torque for the motor (internal ratio is considered) is 1.33 newtons of torque.

With banding, you look for points that are closer together when the lift is raised than when it’s down. I’ve seen a team putting a screw through the back of the 84t gear (towards the top) and attaching the other end to the chassis. You’ll just have to be creative.


Ok, thank you so much!


yeah it works on any lift type also @ssang u dont have to say thank you at least untill the problem is solved

if you mean like the cartridge i think hes on the 393 motors without cartridges

Take a look at this picture:

Vex has explanations about four bar linkage. It is easy to build and you could add rubber bands to it.


We’ve switched our design, but all of your posts were super helpful. Thanks!


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