How can we make our autonomous faster?

We use PID for turns and driving straight. We have a 2:1 drivetrain gear ratio, when we increase the gear ratio more, the drivetrain has less torque, making it accelerate slower, overall reducing our speed. We run everything at 100% velocity. We are going for 142-148 points, but the code takes too long. What can we do to make our autonomous faster?

Could you please send the code for your autonomous? I can look into it further.

Try tuning your PID to accelerate faster

Sorry, but we don’t want to share our code. I was mainly wondering if there were any other algorithms to speed up our autonomous or any physical changes to the robot to speed up the autonomous

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You have to keep time short on shooting the balls and make it look like someone is driving it. Using some while blocks can help.

I think in general, increasing kD improves speed. Maybe try retuning your pid?

You’ve ruled out mechanical changes, so you need to look at the program. Since we can’t see either your program, nor you’re autonomous, all I can offer is some general ideas: evaluate your program for time wasting steps. For example, does your robot drive forward, and then make a turn, and then drive forward in a stepwise manner, typical of programs? Look for ways to combine the steps for a more steady motion, similar to how you would drive it manually. Is there a way to combine the steps, for example, do you drive to a location and then load a catapult? Could you do the loading and the driving at the same time?

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