how communicate wirelessly between vex cortex and my PC

hello my friends I need I help you in a problem

my problem is that i want communication vex cortex with my pc
through VEXnet 802.11g but I am new use product vex

I researched about vexnet, I know that the communication is as wifi but I don´t find information about how send information through ethernet used ip address or router or direct with VEXnet

I read that VEXnet is for comunication between joystick and wex cortex but I don´t want use joystick I want communication wirelessly between wex cortex and my pc though a programing in Visual Basic

I have thought in use bluetooth but, the communication is unstable. The communication much is lost

In summary I want comunication wirelessly between vex cortex and my pc but I control the robot whith a programing in Visual Basic

I send a data for example a ¨1¨ and the vex cortex received date and depending on date vex cortex make a action

thank all for your time I hope that someone respond me because is for a project of school and I need this information
and sorry for my english I know little english

Unfortunately you have to drop $50 for this kit

That kit allows you to connect the PC to the joystick. You then use VEXnet between the Joystick and the Cortex. @natyman wants to go directly from the PC to the Cortex, as far as I know that’s not supported.

I can’t open the link , the link open the page home of vex

I would like that you tell me the name of kit I going to search the information in google

thank you for your time

That is the Programming Hardware Kit.

Then you will also need a USB A-A cable ($15 or under at monoprice or amazon) or use two Vexnet keys. Downside to USB cables is you are tethered, the downside to Vexnet keys is the refresh rate is lower than you may need.

Vexnet keys link:

The Vexnet keys will run you an additional $80 as you have to buy two… So $130 (which is probably going to be a few more dollars than you may expect) or $95 plus shipping on those