How could I make homeschool team

Any of you teams out there could you tell me how to make a team.Thanks ROBO-BOY

Well if you’re looking to make a FVC team go to and then click on First Vex Challenge and read up on starting a team.

thanks my friend is going tobe there to&GOOD LUCK

Team Overdrive (3179) is a home school team. If you’re interested in talking to one of their coaches, let me know - I’ll contact them and ask them if you can call them.

Pretty much all you have to do is
*]Pay the $275 to register the team (done through a Web Site managed by VexLabs)
*]Have one or more adults,
*]Have one to ten students, high school age or younger,

To compete
*]Pay the event’s Fee
*]Build a robot according to that competition’s rules
*]Show up with all the right paperwork

It is dead easy to be a team


Yep, but it’s definetly expensive to be a team. We’ve spent well over $1000 on robotics parts this season, I’m sure other teams have as well. Being affiliated with a high school makes it relatively easy to receive donations, otherwise I’m sure it’s harder. I’d suggesting making the team into a 503© to be elligible for most donations.

Donations?!?! Your lucky, our team doesn’t get anything except paid- for entrance fees to competitions. We get all our money from our school and fundraisers. we have more money this year b/c we had a robotics club, but didn’t do anything with it or spend money with the funds, so that rolled over into this years account. Next year money will be tight.

Money is always an issue but with a homeschool team I would bet most of it would come from parents/family contribtuions.

Six Students.
$20 per student per month
6x$20x12 = $1500 (close enough)

First year, the parts inventory is a little weak. Second year things are OK. Third year…

How have you tried to get donations? We created packets that we sent to all of the large businesses in the county, and two page flyers that we gave out to all of the local businesses in the towns the high school draws from. This has worked rather well for us. Also consider going to the Chamber of Commerce in your county, try to get on the agenda for the local rotary club, and/or show up at town council meetings.

It is our first year and we got on the ball kind of late with sponsorships b/c we were doing a fundraiser in the beginning of the year. We thought it would cover everything. It didn’t and a couple months back we really wanted to send engineering companies in northern VA, but our mentor wanted us to wait for sponsorships until next season.:mad:

I am on a homeschool team:D