How did I qualify!?


Alright so heres the deal. We got an email with all the teams that qualified to worlds through the Indiana State Championship. We happened to be on the list. But we were not top 31 in skills, and did not win a award. How did we qualify. I will attach a few things to help.

Also it says all double qualified spots will be filled via the global skills list. (I think I know what this means)


Explanation of double qualified spots (bottom):

Email: (attached 2 screenshots)2021 Worlds Spots - Sheet1.pdf (16.9 KB)

I’ve edited the uploaded image to hide email addresses / contact information.


what probably happened is that you were high enough on the skills list that you got one of the leftover spots from double-quals. This is pretty common if you have a decent skills score and most of the teams above you had already qualified. (at least I’m assuming this is how it works in iq, it is for vrc)


I was only 2 points off of qualifying.

So that would make sense

I don’t now what happened with signature events this year, but it is possible one of the teams who qualified at state already qualified for world off of a signature event.

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