How DigitalOutput respond to a logic"1" or logic "0" of the LED??

Currently i am using the vex controller of the DigitalOutput to test the LED whether it can give a logic “1” or a logic “0”.

I have tried using some method-- I have set the controller configuration of the DigitalOutput to Port 10. When i write a program , and set the digital output to logic"1" or logic “0” and try to compile and download to the vex controller but there is no signal transmit to the data line, which cannot give a logic “1” or “0” means the LED can’t able to light up?..
Why the data line doesn’t respond even i set the controller configurations and the Digitaloutput?? How i let the LED Respond??

And when i put the 3 pin wire to the motor port, the LED will automatically light up even when i download the program and the LED will not off…
Why the LED will automatically up and always has a voltage there??

Kindly give me some advise…

i think that in order to make an LED light up with a program, you have to use the outer two ports, the inner one for the positive side of the LED (i think that would be the shorter wire) and the outer port for the negative wire (longer). and you may also have to put in a resistor to not blow out the LED. if you put the LED wires into the red and black ports on either the motor ports or the IO ports, it should light up automatically, since it is not getting any signal, just an unregulated charge.

Have you tried the instructions of ltk on post LED (Light Emitting Diode) Information?

Use this link to Identify the Anode and Cathode of the LED, ± of LED.

You can plug the Diode directly into the Digital Output and activate it with a single line of code.