How do DR4B's Get 2 Stacks in the Big Corner

I’m wondering how teams with DR4B’s get 2 stacks in the big corner. I’ve looked it up but either there’s no topics about this or I’m using the wrong keywords.

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If you look at the several DR4B reveal videos for this season, it will become pretty clear how they do it

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Ah but I can’t watch vids. Youtube is blocked

Some teams have posted reveals here

U could look at those

But it’s pretty self explanatory

“here”? Do you mean on the forum?

Yes, there is a whole category dedicated to robot showcase.

I can’t really find any without videos though

Basically what they do is that they narrow their base down to the bare minimum, with enough room to still fit intakes and a tray on top of a dr4b. Experiment with sizes, and find out what works. Good luck!

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Will making the claw pop out of the robot help with getting 2 stacks?



ok so you could either make your base narrower than 27 holes to allow stacking without crossing the bump, or you can make your claw stick out in front of your base a bit so you can reach deeper into the goal zone.


Well making base narrower is a no no. So I plan to make the claw folded back when started(to be in spec), would that help as well?

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I mean yeah staying in the size limit is always a good thing.
you should be able to reach about a cubes distance in front of you.

You could also build your drivetrain such that you can drive into and out of the zone.