How do grades correlate with # of VEX and other STEM competitions attended yearly?

Hi guys, as a part of an AP Statistics project I’m doing, I’m investigating how individuals’ math grades correlate with the number of STEM-related competitions (e.g. Math competitions, Science Olympiad, VEX competitions, and the like) they attend in a given year.

I’d like to sample a very heavily STEM-focused group of people in addition to my other data, so I’m coming here to ask for your help. If you fill out the following form, take a screenshot of the “form submitted” page or your form itself and message it to me on Discord (M8R#2150). I’ll send you some video of my robot (Tray on top of an rd4b, stacks 9 cubes) as thanks for your help.

Here’s a link to the form. Fair note, the grade section of the form is meant to be a whole number from 0-100.

Please do let me know if you would like to see some charts and analysis of the data, it’s actually correlating pretty well so far!

P.S. Please don’t try to troll the form (it’ll either just get filtered out automatically by my spreadsheet or be deleted later manually since this isn’t a ridiculously high-volume dataset).


You should post the end result when you’re done. This seems like it could be very fascinating.


I could also use this as evidence to finally prove to my school that the robotics club is important and needs more funding, so please post the results for this.


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Edit: im probably an outlier as my math is sucky


I’m like always at an 89 percent

I just get low A’s grades in math regardless of what after school activities I do. But I am happy to do your survey.


I got 101 in my math class last year. :grin::grin::grin:


I get 95 around there. Mt teacher was a poopy head

nice! How did you manage that?

My teacher would put a bonus question on most of the tests, so I would get 102, 104 on my tests, then 100 on all my assignments, then I got like a 98 on the final.


I basically failed my Pre-Calc 2 class and got pretty low grades some of my other math classes but I did a lot of programming for my (frc) team that involved a lot of calculus and skills beyond what I was taught. I can’t speak for other schools but my math classes grade you less on tests/knowledge of the subject and more on filler like “homework” (30 mins of busy work every night) that really wasn’t necessary for learning. Just wanted to put that out there as a possible flaw with your statistics but I think my last 3 classes were B, C, F. I have competed in FRC for 2 years and VEX for 1 (I did VEX alone just for fun to get a sort of gauge of what I can do). I also do a lot of video game programming to the side, if that counts. Anyway, hope this helps!

The real question is: how many points did your grade drop because of robotics?


Here’s the basic scatterplot and linear regression:
Safe to say, there probably isn’t a very strong correlation here :sweat_smile:


I am not surprised by this at all. People with very high math grades come in all shapes and sizes. Some don’t want to leave the house at all while others will go to anything and everything. I think a question that might yield some correlation is grade to robotics performance. This would be ALOT harder to poll though as there are many ways to judge good performance. Your research is very interesting and I might just have to do my own study on this later or get one of my stat friends to do it.


How about this twist - they don’t let you go to the competition unless you are near the top of your class in math and science disciplines.

Just a personal note here that’s probably not gonna help; There’s a pretty big limit on the range of ‘events attended’ (i find it hard to believe someone did 50 in one year), so it would for sure be more difficult to find a trend of some sort.

Also probably not gonna help, try getting rid of some outliers? I see a pretty rough correlation but there seem to be a few outliers messing it up.


For whatever reason I was able to get 100 on my math class last year.

However, wouldn’t posting your survey here make it less reliable since this is a STEM - related forum? (basically everyone will have a non-zero number for STEM-related events attended). Or are you posting your survey in other places as well.

Good luck on your stats project

about 10% in my physics class, and 5% in math lol

i got like 94 all year in math and got 16 troughfies and won 7 tournaments last year although the reason was my best-friend and i talked all of that class and i was a “bad influence on the class” but mostly just a few girls i hung out with i also never did my hw so my grade could have been higher i got like an 100 on all my tests though so idk if that helps much because i was a very interesting 8th grader


Nonresponse bias but I like it