How do I access the .cpp files not the header files

I was wondering how to get the .cpp files so I can see the code in them?

Help please i must understand all

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Well, you have posted your question in VexCode V5 Text Support, so I will assume that is what you are using. Toward the left of VexCode, there will be a little file menu.

Yours will likely not be the same as mine, mostly because I added some .cpp files.

If it only shows:

Then just click them and they should drop-down open.

By clicking the .cpp file you wish to open, it should pull it up in VexCode V5 Text.

VexCode also has tabs, so you can have multiple files open at once. To open a file in a new tab, just double click it.

Hopefully this helps :smile:


yes I am using Vex code v5 text but I was wondering how to get to say brain.cpp

Referring to your first post, you have to be more specific when posting on the forum.

You are asking to read the proprietary VEX SDK source files. That isn’t possible, VEX isn’t giving out the source code for their API.


oh ok that what I mean (had too look up SDK) this is related to my other post because was trying to see if the controller was messed up in the source code

In your other post, you seemed to have two issues:

  • joystick not giving full power at diagonals (expected behavior)
  • joystick value at diagonals not perfectly on the circle

The second one might just be some normal error in the joystick readings (try calibrating), or maybe the range the API gave you was 127 instead of 100. There is likely nothing wrong in the API - and it is unlikely you would find a potential issue even if you had access to the code.


well time to try to create an auto correction program

No, nobody has the source code, unless the VEX servers have been hacked.

The runtime library has occasionally been pulled from the programming solutions, that’s against the license terms you all agreed to when you installed programs like VEXcode. There were some bugs in early versions of vexos that could allow motors to move under very specific circumstances, but that was dealt with a long time ago.


Yeah, jpearman is right, no one has access to the SDK source (only the binaries and headers).

However, it is true that someone did reverse-engineer the VEXos firmware and extracted a ton of information from it, and did some fun stuff like completely change the interface theme of the brain, but I don’t think they ever tried to violate competition control.


Thanks for clearing that up. I guess I misunderstood exactly what Nathan did.