How do I backup a modkit program?

I’ve created a Vex IQ ModKit program. I can’t afford to lose it, and I want to create a backup of my program. I’ve searched extensively online and haven’t found any way to.

How do I back up a modkit program?

What program are you using?

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Try and copy the .vex file and then paste a copy in a different folder, naming it programname-backup or whatever.

If you are using the original IQ Modkit, it saves in some odd location. When you go to Browse, just change the folder location and save somewhere more sensible like a Modkit folder in your My Docs. Then you can just copy the files out to back up.
If you are using iPad, it’s a little more tricky!

Where is the .vex file found?

To find where it is being saved, go to the drop down next to the Project Name and click ‘Browse’


Then you’ll see where it is putting the .Vex files (green arrow is pointing to the directory). You can change it by clicking the change button and it will start to save them in a different place.



It’s not a .vex file for IQ Modkit, it has a different extension, MK4V
As I mentioned earlier and as @gbr said, click browse then click change to change the folder location to something more accessible, I just have a Modkit folder in Documents and save stuff there.