How Do I Call UserControl From Another File?

I have a project with a file structure that looks like this:
I’m trying to move all of the usercontrol code to another file and call the function from the main.cpp. When I try to call the function, I get various errors depending on how I call it:

I’m not sure how to properly call the usercontrol single driver function from the file to the main.cpp. How would I do that?

Pic of usercontrol.h:

Pic of usercontrol.cpp:

C++ isnt my best language, but I think you need an instance of the usercontrol class, or make the usercontrol class static

What you want is to have the functions marked as static, meaning they belong to the class namespace instead of belonging to an object instance.
In your header, you type

static void singledriver(void);

That would certainly work. But this application isn’t really a good fit for the idea of a class anyway - what does the usercontrol class really represent? If you never need an instance of it, does it really make sense to make it a class?

I think it would make more sense to just define the functions without sticking them in a class.

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Its not necessarily bad to have only static members in a class - it puts the methods in a namespace and helps with organization. They are called “pure static classes”, and for example are used in okapilib factories.

However, I agree that in this case, having a class is unnecessary. If you want the organization of a namespace, just use a namespace.