How do I code the vision sensor?

Hi, I still don’t really get VCS and would like to know how the vision sensor works. Can someone explain to me the code that is used to program it? Also, how does the vision sensor work? Like how do I make it detect a certain colour, for example, red?

Edit: I have limited VCS skills or how to even start to code the colour sensor so the preexisting threads aren’t helping…



Without VCS and C++ experience, it’s not worth even attempting to deal with a vision sensor. The basics of the vision sensor is that it returns back an array with data values for object it detects, that you configure it to detect in VCS. You then use the data in this returned tables, such as x y and object size, and analyze it to do your tasks. There’s different ways to handle this data, but it can get quite complex, and you have to be fairly proficent with handling somewhat complex programming for many of the implementations. It’s not impossible to deal with, but it can difficult, and getting it to work well is tricky. The logic code to determine if you are detecting the correct objects is tricky to design well. If you don’t have any experience with C++ and VCS, I’d start there, and once you have the basics understood, learning how to handle the vision sensor should come on it’s own. Starting with learning how to handle the vision sensor isn’t a great idea. I’d recommend experimenting while you’re learning, and trying to accomplish your end goal to the best of your abilities, but it’s not a good place to start.