How do I configure a pneumatic in vexcode pro

I am trying to set up a pneumatic in vexcode pro Text and I am having a hard time finding any resources. Can anyone help?

configure the solenoid as a 3 wire port, digital output.
to control it, set the solenoid state to either true or false.


There’s no analog output thing in the motor set up though…

in the device configuration menu, select 3 wire, and then it will give you a few options for 3 wire devices. Select digital output.

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hmm. I don’t have access to vexcode right now, but when I get to that page, it lists quite a few more options, including digital out. Are you running the most up to date version of vexcode?

No I’m two updates shy lmao

I believe you can configure it as an LED, and turning it on should power the solenoid.

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Ok thanks I will try that

You can also use this command at the start of the program:

pneumatics claw = pneumatics(Brain.ThreeWirePort.H);