How do i connect 2 motors to a single axle?

I am doing a project in a class and im trying to connect 2 motors to a single axle but when i did it i would not work. I had both of them going opposite and then i tried making them both go the same direction. Neither worked. I also tried only one motor and it worked perfectly.

Did they both have the same speed gearbox? Red/green/blue for 100/200/600 RPM respectively V5 Smart Motor & Gear Cartridges - VEX Robotics
If they did, try to be more specific about what you mean by not working.


Whenever you have two motors, you have to reverse one of them. The general rule of thumb at our school is always reverse the right side.


600 not 500 (20 character)

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Can you clarify what you mean by it didn’t work? Was it stalling? Slipping?