How do I connect vex parts in autodesk inventor?

My team this year has decided to use autodesk inventor. We have gone through vex’s lesson plan and downloaded all of the vex step files. The only problem is i can’t figure out how to create and use imates. All the ways I’ve tried won’t let me select the imate or it won’t connect.

I wouldn’t start with iMates right away. You should probably start learning how the software really works so you understand how to do more complicated things when you need to. iMates alone will never allow you to build a robot. Below is what I just posted on a similar thread asking for help with autodesk:

I would suggest watching some youtube videos. My students use Dakota Bayers videos. He is not very exciting to listen to, but quite informative. There are several videos in the series. (6 I believe)

Otherwise a simple youtube search for “VEX Autodesk Inventor” will yield these results…many hours of learning ahead!

Note: Learning how to use Autodesk Inventor is not a quick process. If you are serious about it be prepared to spend many dozens of hours on it before you are very good at it.

I would suggest using the BNS library as it already as the imates configured on every hole like you would want. Also the colors and dimensions have been corrected from the VEX files.