How do I convert an easyc competition project to a stand-alone project?

Right now, the competition template is making me cycle through 20 seconds of autonomous and then 120 seconds of operator controlled. Is there any way around this?

Can you edit the Main() to set Autonomous( 20) to zero (or just 1)

or try
Competion Project settings…

If you have a field controller, you can use the field control competition project.

I don’t see that you can change project type afterwards, otherwise.

If this works, then
Since(if) project types cant be changed, does it make sense to start misc development with a competition type timed with Autonomous set to 1 and Operator set to 0 (or 65534?) for general standalone development, so you can revert back to timed or switched modes for competition

I didn’t think I was able to change those arguments but I actually can. Thanks, it works perfectly.

Elegant! I would have just copied the desired code, opened a standalone project, and pasted, but this sounds more flexible.

Just an FYI, with the Cortex you can actually set you project to a timed competition and leave it that way. When you are not connected to the field it acts as a timed project. When you plug into the field, it will run as a field project.

To modify the time or type goto Project -> Competition Project Settings

When working with multi-source-code .C and .H files, it is a little more complicated than just one copy-paste. I was working on a boilerplate code starter demo, with slew rate control, but I started it as a stand-alone project,
and there is no way back to competition.

If I want teams to be able to copy it as a starter template, I’ll have to convert it by hand myself.