How do I copy Blocks between Files

How do I copy a block from one file to another file ?

I am trying to avoid having to type in Blocks from the example files into my active file.

Cheers, Paul

You can Copy + Paste them, won’t take much time.

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How? I don’t see this ability in VEXCode Blocks IQ. In SCRATCH they have the backpack for this, but I don’t see it here.

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Since the blocks are all keyed off of the robot configuration, there’s currently no way to “combine” files together as of today. This is something we’re continuing to investigate.


So does this mean I would have to type it in the slow way ? That would seem a little silly ?

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Well for some reason I can just press a block, control+c, then go onto new file and control+v and the code is there.


I can do the same thing

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Thanks! There isn’t a menu for it so I never tried it. That was SO nice…


There’s a reason we haven’t exposed it as it’s a bit experimental and not 100% supported… so if you run into weird behaviors, please keep that in mind…


This same maneuver also works in macOS… click on block | cmd-c | open target file | cmd-v | it pastes! When I tried this, I clicked beneath the target code, pressed cmd-v, and the copied code pasted on top of the existing code, slightly down and to the left. This is gonna save a LOT of time!

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