How do I get RobotC?

Trying to get RobotC on my PC at home, and after looking up “robotc download” I eventually got a 404 Error, when selecting to download VEX EDR firmware:

Additionally, I tried getting the download by heading to the footer at and, under support, selecting “VEX EDR Firmware” which yielded the same result. Not sure what I’m supposed to do.

Sorry about that. We recently made some minor changes to our website structure, which is why that link was 404’ing. I’ve updated the link in the footer to reflect it. The page you were trying to access can now be found at

However, you can not actually download ROBOTC from that page. The firmware page is used to download the VEXnet Firmware Upgrade Utility. ROBOTC can be downloaded after logging into your account, and clicking the “Software Downloads” Tab.