How do I get Vex Pro motors to be compatible with the Vex EDR Cortex?

My team is going to the Create US Open: Open Division and wanted a more powerful lift for our robot. Would it be possible to use Vex Pro motors and other motors instead of the 393s? If so, how?

So most FRC style motor controllers have PWM inputs that can plug directly into a cortex. They take power and signal separately so you can still get the full capability of the motor on different microcontrollers.

Keep in mind the legal voltage of motors you can use for the US Open

@tabor473 Are there any motor and motor controller combinations you would recommend? Also, will there be an issue with the motors tripping the built in breakers on the cortex?
Thanks for the response.

@bossgivol As far as I know there is no specific legal voltage of motors. They did say that “Voltage may not be combined. (i.e. you cannot double your voltage and halve your current)”. But I’m not really sure what that means.

Wow I did not know the Open division was really open like that. Cool.

I just looked in the rule book and it says that if yo are in VEX edr or iq you cannot use motors from other types of VEX parts so if you are going to the us open and it is for a FIRST team go ahead if not i would not recommenced doing this

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