How do I have my claw move up and down but keep a right angle?

I don’t know how to ask this question but the lift is very complicated for me. This is the first time I have tried to use one. Its a 2 bar lift system. If you can send me pictures or videos with yawls feed back.

what do you mean by 2 bar, like one bar on each side of the lift (left and right) or two bars running parallel to each other on either side of the lift (again left and right)

If by 2 bar, you mean chain bar, then it’s in the way the claw is angled when the chain is attached. If you mean a 4 bar, then you have to keep the same spacing on the base tower and on the claw.

If you only have one bar that moves, and one that stays stationary, like a ClawBot, then you can’t, and you’ll have to pick a new lift. (I recommend a 4 bar because of their simplicity)

I would highly recommend a 4-bar over a chain bar. If you are still confused watch Kepler Electronic’s video on arm bars.