How do I Hide Blocked Messages?

When I have someone blocked, this message shows up instead of a post of theirs.


This is almost as infuriating to see as the post itself, so I was wondering if there would be any way to simply hide the blocked messages all together, instead of collapsing them. Is there a way to do this with discourse? Is there a chrome extension that could do this?

Why don’t you just unblock them and ignore their post?


Big brain. Spitting facts out here


Because, for reasons that I’m not gonna go into, I get upset whenever I see their profile picture, and I think it would be best if I didn’t see them in my forum feed.


To be honest i am not sure why you would block anyone because even if you don’t like them they can still give good insight and give you ideas.


Install User CSS or another extension that allows you to apply custom CSS styles to a website. Then just add a custom CSS rule to hide the blocked post placeholder.

Also, Discourse probably displays those placeholders in case the thread does not make sense with the hidden reply omitted.


Yea, I know. Discord (not Discourse), does the same.

Thanks for your suggestion, I’ll look into that!

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Do you know if this is available for mobile devices?

Because there are several users whose pfps silently drive me crazy.

  • Illyana should quit vf to stay sane
  • Taran should change pfp to Rainbow Unicorn
  • DRow should ban all users with the ugly pfps

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Here is one with a matching hair style:
Rainbow Unicorn


Such extensions are not usually readily available for mobile users. Of course, it’s not impossible to make it work, but it’s probably not worth the effort.


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