How do I hit the flags with the balls??????????

I was wondering if it was possible to build a belt system to shoot the ball out and attach it to the side along with a scooper attachment. I would take gears and attach them to motors. Then, put belts around the gears and make another setup on the other side. Then, you could suck up the balls and shoot them out the other side. I am currently working on a CAD model right now.

Most of the talk has been centered around flywheels vs punchers. I’d be interesting to see your idea, though…

Either build a Flywheel or Puncher.
Search up “Vex Nothing But Net Reveal” to see all kinds of ball launchers!


And this is how design convergence happens…

All of the old teams that retired in nbn that made reveals are going to see an ** immense** jump in views xD

you obviously use a puncher to launch a flywheel into the air that launches the ball.


Not sure if you were involved in nbn, but that is not exactly true.

i mean, yes - the approach were largely in 4 broad categories, namely single flywheel, double flywheel, puncher and catapult.

But when come to the implementation of the various methods, you will see a wide range of stuff being done.

Yes I spent a whole year figuring out how to throw a ball well. Honestly I’d love to go back and do it for another year even with the same rules as NBN and with the old motors still. The unfortunate reality is a flywheel is a heck of a lot more goes into building a good one than anyone who hasn’t built a few would ever guess. Its fairly easy to get a useful flywheel, its really hard to get an elite flywheel since the faster something spins the more the smallest flaw is amplified. So guys if you think your robot is finished this year, I’d suggest you aren’t, you will just have to become more creative on how you find improvement.

Don’t forget the expansion rules…

You could always make a quad/hex/oct-copter to get to the right height after you’ve picked up the balls, that avoids any issues of expanding high when not in the expansion zone.

so I’ve came up with an idea, and that is to use hydraulics to punch the ball out through a tube-like structure at the target. I hope to use a second hydraulic to raise and lower the tube.

Vex doesn’t have hydraulics, but i’m assuming you mean pnuematics.

OMG! It took me this long to realize what the OP was pitching. If I’m correct, he wanted to build something like a bot-long flywheel conveyor system like the cube-shooters from this past year’s FRC game.

There’s probably a reason it’s not done on this scale, apart from the space constraints. But I’d love to see it!

pneumatics, sorry. got a little excited. we have to wait a month due to shipping, but as soon as the model is built, I will share how to build one yourself.