How do I import a ".v5code" file?

I have no clue how to code a v5 brain so I asked a friend to code a simple claw bot. He sent me the file (which is called, “MrClaw-2023-03-12T01-58-51 - Copy .v5code”) but I can’t seem to open it, I have a crappy Chromebook so I use the vex code v5 app and when I go to open a file it says it only looks for “*v5blocks, *v5cpp” and “*v5python” files, and when I go to “All files” and select the “MrClaw” file it doesn’t open. I don’t want to bother my friend because I don’t want to be annoying. Any suggestions?

That’s just the project file for a VEXcode V5 Pro program, you would need the source files as well, but VEXcode V5 Pro projects are not compatible with chromebooks.


You could use VEXCode blocks to write your first program. The whole driver control program can be generated with the Devices section and you don’t need to type any text.

Take a look at the knowledge base for more information. Use the link below and click on the VEXcode V5 tab for a list of reference documents.

Another resource to practice programming, if it’s not installed on your computer, is the web version here: