How do I import VEX EDR parts into Onshape

So I’m fairly new to Onshape and I wanted to know exactly how do I download a parts library for v5/EDR parts and import them in my assembly? Thanks for the help

Onshape is a bit different from other CAD packages in that everything is stored on OnShape’s servers, so you don’t really “download” a library, you just connect with one. In my document "CAD for VEX Robotics (CAD for VEX Robotics (2).pdf (300.8 KB) there is a link to directions to access a library made by team 2114A. Every part is also available from in the form of a .step file, which is a universal cad interchange file which can be imported by any commercial CAD software.


Thanks for the reply! Do you know how I may open a downloaded EDR part from the vex official website on Onshape? My friend also sent me an organized VEX parts folder on google drive. After downloading a part onto my computer, how can I import/use them in Onshape

Short answer: Press the menu button that says “Create” then pick “import files”

Better answer: click the menu button that says “learning center” then enter “import step files” in the menu bar, and you’ll find a variety of courses, from free self-paced tutorials to instructor-led training classes.

Best answer: in the “learning center”, click on the big button that says “self-paced courses” and do all the ones that say “Basic” then the ones that say “fundamentals”. On-Shape is a high-end CAD package, like SolidWorks, and there is a bit more learning curve than for more basic software like Inventor and Fusion. Our CAD designers at my company (we use Solidworks), typically have the equivalent of two college-level courses to gain proficiency, so you can’t expect to use high-end CAD without doing at least some training.


Ok thank you for the reply