How do I learn about and code sensors?

My team and I have never done VEX, and are in VEX VRC. Our coach wants us to build to do VEX AI. Even through scouring the internet and VEX V5 Text, we are still having trouble learning how to code and properly use sensors. Our coach is also very new to using sensors. So far we have been able to figure out how to use the Vision Sensor, but are at a loss for everything else. Does anybody have advice or links that can help us learn. Thank You!

The knowledge base is going to be your best friend.

(Go to the AI tab)


also you can use the VEX VR Skills to learn about coding using sensors, including V5 GPS.

you will need to have a team registered for VRC season. so might bot be accessible to all.

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If you haven’t done any robotics before and are just signing up, I would highly recommend you to do the regular VRC and do not jump right into VEX AI this season.

In order to be successful with VEX AI, you will need to have prior experience in building mechanical component of the robot (which takes multiple years for most teams to master) and solid understanding of basic sensors before jumping into more advanced sensors available with VEX AI.

I am not saying that it is impossible for a team to do VEX AI in their first year, I am just saying that it will be very improbable to be successful without prior experience in the area of robotics and programming.