how do I make 2 servos move simultaneously

how do we program 2 servos to move or turn on simultaneously?

You set them both to respond to the same source of input.

What are you writing code in? EasyC?

In RobotC? my group is new to this.

Are you using motors or servos, since they are different, I program in RobotC and may be able to help you.

i use robotc (ALOT) …

do you want it on buttons ? or on joysticks … more info please

we are new to this programming and we just want to know how to program the servos to spin simultaneously

Just call both motors by writing in the code, and giving them a value. Replace the logic statement with a command you want, like if a certain button is pressed or joystick is in a certain position

if(insert logic statement for a button)
motor[servo1]= ;
motor[servo2]= ;

so basically, the above says, if what’s inside the parenthesis is occurring, do what’s happening between the brackets. In this case, because both motors are called, then those motors will activate simultaneously(at least, practically). The semicolons are the computer’s way to divide steps, kind of like how people divide sentences with periods

If autonomous, just place them in the same command

If driver control, make them respond to the same command