How do i make default split arcade in robot c slower

Im using the default split arcade code by remapping the channels on the 1 joystick code and its making my robot really fast how do i fix this

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Unless I am misunderstanding something, I think, you have to choose between two options: either slow your drivetrain down by building a geartrain or start writing your own code to control the robot.

If you have VEXCode - you can have an easy start by sipmly loading one of the example programs that comes with it. Then scale power you send to the motors, let say, by 0.75 down.

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Here is a video of me explaining how to build in a derate to your joystick signals in VexCode Blocks.

If you are asking this type of question, I would strongly suggest moving over to the easy to use supported software (VexCode Blocks) as opposed to continuing to use RobotC