How do I make my 15 lb bot slimmer?

I have a 15 lb robot designed however I wish to make it slimmer. I am currently using banebots 16:1 gear box and motor, but this ends up making the bot at least 12 inches wide. I have not seen a single right angle motor and or gear box that will work with what I am hoping to make. I would like to slim my design down to at least a 10” by 10” footprint and would like the tires inside the walls. If there are any motors or gear boxes you know of please respond and link them. Thanks for the help!

What competition is this for? You have this posted under the VEX IQ section, but you mention a completely foreign product? If the competition is related to FIRST and not VEX, I thing achínele Delphi would be of better use to you. They would be more knowledgeable about the pieces you are using and how to alleviate your problem.


This is a combat robot definitely, those are a popular wheel choice for them. @Nate.S this is not the right forum for this…


My bad I did see another question on this forum like this I am sorry