How do i make the intakes look red

So I was… observing 1961Z’s MK III and was curious, how do they make it look red, It just kind of looks cool, and if there’s a way to get it looking like this, I would love to try it, thanks!
Cheers to everyone working on robotics during winter break!

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Probs spray paint

20 char

isn’t it illegal to paint any surface that will directly and intentionally touch a game piece? i’m pretty sure i saw that in the game manual somewhere and the rule is because it could “change how the game piece is manipulated”. I would personally just stay away from paint on game piece contacting robot mechanisms. it may look cool, but sorry to pop your bubble, is it worth the risk? I would give the game manual a thorough read before doing this.

Hope this helps!

They didn’t spray paint. They dyed the plastic with coloring.

“pretty sure” isn’t a good phrase to be using when talking about the rules: always cite specific rules. We’re looking at page 27 in the game manual ( R-12 on page 27 is the only place where paint is mentioned:

R12 Decorations are allowed. Teams may add non-functional decorations, provided that they do not
affect Robot performance in any significant way or affect the outcome of the Match. These decorations must be in the spirit of the competition. Inspectors will have final say in what is considered “non-functional”. Unless otherwise specified below, non-functional decorations are governed by all standard Robot rules …
a. Anodizing and painting of parts is considered a legal nonfunctional decoration.

This wording is not in the game manual. Rather it is up to the inspector to determine if the decoration would affect robot performance in a significant way. If I were inspecting this (an yes, I’ve been an inspector at many events), I’d have no problem with the decoration shown in the pictures. But, as the game manual says, it’s up to the inspector, and there may be an inspector out there that decides to apply a more strict interpretation, even if not specifically mentioned in the game manual.


#nonfunctional decoration
Meaning that there cannot be any paint on pieces that directly and intentionally touch a game piece

In any significant way, this will not be significant

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This is one possible determination that could be used by an inspector. This wording is not in the game manual, which is my point. It is up to the inspector to determine if painting a part that touches a game piece would “affect Robot performance in any significant way”


They used RIT Dyemore. Very effective at dying plastic section


Technically speaking the paint IS a non-functioning decoration, the item it’s painted is a functioning part, but the part itself is not a decoration, it’s a vex piece. So the paint is the decoration and the chain or whatever is a piece. So that argument could be made to a disapproving ref.

I think it’s probably because of the color affect, most teams use color effects for their reveals.