How do I Maximize pneumatic speed?

My team is currently trying to use a double-acting cylinder on our robot, but it isn’t extending fast enough for our needs. How can we make it faster?

are you using a pressure or flow limiter? What is your application? You could use a lever to make your mechanism go faster.

Make sure that you pump the air tank to 100 psi. If you only need it to go fast in one direction (in or out) you can use rubber bands to speed it up.

Here is a pic of our pneumatic setup (it’s just a prototype)


There’s the tank, the manual switch, the pressure valve, the solenoid, and the cylinder

3 things to increase your speed.

  1. Make sure you actually get the tank to 100 psi
  2. remove the flow regulator, this reduces the speed of your actuations and useful if you want to save air
  3. reverse the fitting on your cylinder. The fitting on the right is another flow regulator and reduces the speed of the extension. You can swap it with the one at the back and get a slow retraction instead.

Use the search bar there is a topic that discuses this.

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One way is ussing a rubberband to make it go back faster

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