How do I open more than one tab?

Is there a way to open a second “tab” in vex coding studio so I can have 2 programs open at the same time? That way I can copy and paste my code into the competition template.

Can’t yet, but they have it on the road map for future improvements in VCS.

FWIW: We have figured a way to edit and version VCS sources w/o losing sanity:
You instantiate a competition template (new project -> example -> competition template) and close to the top of the file, add #include “” with an absolute path of another file(s). Save and forget.

With that, you can use your favorite editor to edit the actual source(s), share the files in a readable manner and version them as usual (with only one binary resource, the master .vex file, which is supposed to change rarely and minimally) and have the full VCS-compatible APIs, graphical robot config editor (if you’re into self-torture) and out of the box competition behavior.

Or use PROS…

(this could be a thread on its own :slight_smile: )

If you go down this path it may just reignite the emacs vs vi war!

I think our age is showing a little here, 99% of the forum users will have to google emacs or vi to have any idea what this is about.

Leave your holy wars to redit, mcedit for life!

Can’t believe I’ve seen a wrong opinion here, but here we are.

In HS my CS teacher mentioned how older programmers and engineers tended to prefer Vi or Emacs over some IDEs. I laughed at it then, and then when I entered college and then started working I realized how much faster I could get certain things done when I was editing files in Vi.

Now I’m a believer.

For the uninitiated.

*fixed that for you

I guess i can’t figure out how to close it, so might as well use Vim.

On a more serious note, I use NotVCS and github’s Atom editor to program my robot.