How do I program around the constraints of the virtual world to maximize points?

I am asking questions in regards to the Ranked Scoring in Virtual Worlds Starstruck 2016.

Some odd things I am able to achieve are:

  1. pass scoring objects through solid objects
  2. gain momentum and hop robot like a bunny by changing the center of gravity of the robot
  3. push robot through the fence without crossing the disqualification line
  4. hang on the fence for a scored low hang
  5. grip objects without visually gripping them

Note: the cube interaction between the robot seems to be the main cause of most of these events

When looking for the game manual for virtual worlds it links to the physical Starstruck Manual. Rule 1 is common sense applies, but do the rules of physics apply to the virtual environment or are we allowed to play around the constraints of the “virtual world” to maximize points?