How Do I program buttons on EasyC???

Hi I am a beginner programmer on my team so I decided to turn to easy (as u seen in my last posts) so I am puzzled now cuz I have no clue how to program the buttons on the controllers. I am gonna use the buttons for mecanum wheels u know going side by side but I have no clue how to program the buttons to do so.
Is there a way??? or can someone show me a way to use arcade drive to drive mecanum wheels? If so may I get a step by step or a sample program?? :open_mouth: that would be amazing
Thank You!!!

To program the mechanum wheels using the joysticks you’ll want to use a “Holonomic” function block in your while loop. to program the digital buttons on the front of the joystick you’ll want to use a “Joystick Digital to Motor” function block. Use multiple “Joystick Digital to Motor” commands for each additional motor you want to program. Your code should look something like this:

I have had the same problem except we also need to use individual buttons triggers and bumpers and we are working on easyc cortex v5

we need it for the arm and the claw

This is a 5 year old topic, I’m sure these students have probably graduated, best to start a new topic with your questions.

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