How do I program certain slots in RobotC

I have asked this question on the RobotC forums but have gotten no answers. I looked through the help files but did not see what I need. In RobotC, how do I select a port to load an autonomous program? I see how to download, but no slots? Am I missing something? We usually use EasyC, but we will be switching to robotc in the coming months.

Generally it just adds them in the order you add them.

You can go to Menu Robot -> Advanced Tools -> File Management to manage the files on the robot

In previous versions of robotc, you had to select the slot (using menu item VEX IQ Controller Mode). Recent versions you can run any program in either mode. If it is in teleop, you need the controller on. If it is in autonomous, it will not ask. You just select the right mode on the brain (Teleop/Auto) and select the right program. Thats it.

As for file management, you can directly add or delete the binary file anytime.

Thanks guys. That answers the question for sure.
Bill R.