How do I reprogram non vex controllers for v5

I’m trying to reprogram and xbox one controller to work with v5 vexcode any idea how? If not I have a way less elegant plan in mind

The xbox one controller is not compatible with the V5 brain or with VEXcode.


Could one not rig any controller they want as an input device to a pc, and then communicate between the pc and the brain to share the controller values? Or, for that matter, connect an external board to the brain? This is clearly not for VRC competition legal purposes to begin with.

I’ll have to go with plan dos then

sure, if you want to use something as a bridge between the xbox controller and the brain, that’s possible. The user program on the brain would need to implement some type of custom serial protocol using the available USB serial port. The bridge device would need to interface with the xbox controller, translate the values and package into a message and then send to the V5 brain.

I did something similar years ago with the cortex and a PS3 controller using an Arduino as a bridge device.

It’s a bit harder with the V5 as if you are using USB then the bridge needs to be a host, perhaps a RasPi would be suitable.


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