How Do I Start a New Thread?

where do i go to m:)ake a thread?

go to the forums page (option should be in the gray bar with white text, then select the forum you wish to post to at that point you should see a grey button light blue ‘new thread’ button near the top left of the screen.
Cheers Kb

You made a thread when you asked this question…

Go here] and click on the Forum you wish to create a thread in.

Was this a joke? Lol I never put it together you made a thread to ask how to make a thread. LMAO

He actually asked this question in another thread. But a moderator turned it into its own thread. Just like what happened to dontworryaboutit’s post somewhere that was turned into a thread titled “short meaningless posts”.

I totally missed that!! :wink:

The first responders reply should have been, “You Just Did!! Good Luck…”.

I sense a troll.

In all seriousness Richard when making your thread please put thought into the contents of it.

  • Andrew

Oh I see thanks for the clarification i needed that

Ah… Good Point… I should have known it Wasn’t that Easy…

Pick a Forum, like the General Forum.


Look for the “New Thread” Button.


Click It!!

Oh did I start something meaningless? I don’t know if I can recall doing that. I try to avoid doing that…

[Is this post short and meaningless?]
[Is this thread short and meaningless? How about just meaningless?]