How Do I Store More Balls?

My pitching in robot is good, but I was wondering about some designees to hold more than 4 balls including the ones in the catapult. Does anyone have any ideas on what I could do? I was thinking 6 to 8 ball capacity.

First thing, I recommend carrying 4 balls at a time, The reason why is that it will be more consistent and you won’t keep on getting intake jams. If you want more balls to fit in your robot try making some space. Many robot have a place on the top of their robot and if you want something like that you should start designing.

What kind of storage system would you recommend?

There are actually a lot of options. Remember with a 4 ball catapult design, it stores 2 in catapult and 2 in the intake. If you want anything more, you will need some sort of intermediate storage area between the intake and the catapult and probably some sort of indexer to control the intermediate balls between the catapult and the intermediate area. Definitely there should be a lot of videos on YouTube that can help you. I hope that helps.


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