How Do I Strengthen The Catapult?

Hello, I have been trying to make my catipult stronger with more rubber bands. But that puts to much stress on the Choo Choo mechanism. Any advise on what I could do?

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Stronger pin’s are the only thing I can tell you. Sometimes if ur catapult has balls on it then most likely it will not break.

Hey, what gear ratio is this running on? For a two Motor, our team used a 1:2 and for our 1 motor we used a 1:3. Also shortening the second link of your choo choo arm will let the balls go further with fewer rubber bands

I used a what I think is a 1 to 4 gear ratio and just wondering how would shortening the second unit make it shoot farther?

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I wonder too, try it out and make an observation

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If you cannot figure it out, ill tell you.