How do I uninstall VCS on a Mac?

Now that VEX World is over, my first priority for the team is to uninstall VCS.

Do I just drag that pile of junk to the recycle bin, or are there files installed elsewhere on a Mac?


just ignore it and install something else, like VEXcode, PROS, RMS - all have gcc underneath, but each offers good decent IDEs.

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The canonical mac-like way to delete an app is to drag its .app bundle to the trash. In practice it’s possible that the app will have written some files somewhere else that will stick around after you delete the .app.

But even if that’s the case (and I’m not sure whether it is or not with VCS) it’s almost certainly not worth the effort of tracking those down and deleting them while making sure you don’t mess something else up. As @lacsap pointed out, there’s no technical necessity to delete VCS in the first place, you can just use something else. If the icon in your Applications folder is annoying you or you need to free up some disk space or whatever, feel free to delete the .app, but I wouldn’t worry about anything beyond that.


I believe it has a folder in ~/Library/Application Support/, in addition to the standard .app in ~/Applications/
@jpearman would know for sure though.

yea, delete the app and the folder with support files at

~/Library/Application Support/VEX Coding Studio

there’s nothing else as far as I know.

VCS and VEXcode use clang as the compiler, much better error reporting.


Just install a mac uninstaller and remove unnecessary apps on mac.

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