How do I use a paper Participant Release Form

Some of my parents are having trouble completing the Participant Release Form (in the US). I know, it should be easy, but it happens. How do I, and can I, print out a paper version of the 2021 form? We as coaches used to be able to upload this form into the system, but I don’t see that option any more.

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I believe it is an online form (with multiple pages). So even if you printed out each individual page and made them fill it out, I doubt there is a way to upload it to robotevents.

One option would be to have a laptop / tablet at your site, and have the parents stop in. I know programs that will have the webpage up at a registration events or they will hold something back, can’t get their shirt or can’t compete, until that form is completed.


If contact tracing is an important element of your region’s covid-19 action plans, you will need the contact information in the Participant Release Form.


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